ECSO is a provider for numerous advanced climate technologies such as chilled water plants, water treatment and air handling, as well as close control and adiabatic cooling solutions and tailor-made equipment. Our goal at ECSO is to provide effective engineering solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization. We provide all kinds of tiered services and support solutions that allow our customers to know positively that their mission-critical facilities will function without interruption. We had experienced wide range of project's thematic, starting from water make-up facilities engineering to advanced chilled water plants design, from water purification sites to mission-critical close control climate solutions for data centers, telecommunication sites, etc. High level of supporting services ensures the mission-critical processes will go without interruption and keeps all system components functioning effectively. We have worked with a variety of customers varying from industrial to corporate to retail. Our clients have ranged in size from small and medium business to large corporations.

Close Control Cooling

Close control cooling systems are used for applications where temperature and humidity are essential and required to be maintained within narrow limits. For instance, applications like computer rooms, data processing units, telecommunication facilities, clean room environments and other industrial process areas shall be equipped with close control cooling systems. We had experienced in design, installation and commissioning both chilled water and direct expansion cooling systems. Integrated close control cooling systems allow equipment to work together as efficiently as possible in order to supply the customer with inexpensive, reliable services.

High Water Temp/Large

Chilled Water Cooling Plants Increasing of the chilled water temperature enhances free-cooling availability even if the ambient temperature is high, and thus shorten mechanical cooling's working hours. The system effectiveness significantly improves by reducing overall power consumption of the chilled water production plant. We takes advantage of high cooling medium temperatures (up to 20/26 °C) and variable flow rates to gain maximum freecooling power saving benefits.

Direct/Indirect Adiabating Cooling

At any point in the year, as climatic conditions dictate, moisture may be added to the warm outdoor air which has the effect of lowering the dry bulb temperature. By fully saturating the air, the dry bulb temperature can be reduced. This lower air temperature is then used as a cooling medium and, based on ambient temperatures, could achieve ASHRAE recommended conditions using 100% free cooling. In more challenging environments, an additional mechanical cooling devices may be used to top-up the cooling capacity of the facility.

High Efficient Chilled Water Plants

The Turbocor compressor range is designed for both chilled water and direct-expansion applications, and is available for both water-cooled and air-cooled chiller applications. Starting with magnetic bearings and fully digital electronics, the two-stage centrifugal range fully integrates its leading-edge but well-proven component technologies to maximize operating efficiencies, especially at part load, and cost savings. 

Mobile Data Center Containments

Pre-engineered solution for Mobile Data Centers includes all required infrastructure enclosed in the standardized containers and can be customized in several ways to achieve more power density, reliability and capacity. These containments are designed to gain the highest level of physical security and flexibility, as well as easy of power connection and use. We constantly modify this product in order to achive maximum performance and reduced operating cost.